ClubManager was created to assist and enhance the day to day operations of your facility. Essentially a software system for gym owners, designed by gym owners. 


Key Features and overview 

How ID Card Supplies and Card Manager work together..

For the past 8 years ID Card Supplies and Club Manager Central have been working together to find a simple, secure and cost efficent solution for the biggest problem facing the gym and health club indusrty..


With fitness and helathier lifestyles being promoted so widely in the media, gyms and lesiure clubs have seen a large upward shift in their membership numbers over recent years. However, with more members, comes more challenges, how do you know that everyone using your facility is actually paying for their usage, are off peak members coming in at all times of day, are people even registered memebers?!

The simple answer is, unless your checking each and every member before they enter the building, you dont know.

This, is where ID Card Supplies and Club Manager have the answer, CM software holds all the membership details for the facility, within the system it hosues members contract term and usage timings for peak or off peak, in turn that member is linked to the direct debit, standing order or cash transaction to which they pay their fees. 

Each member is provided with a card which has a unique number, that unique number is linked to the club manager system within that persons particular membership. when that persons card is scanned through a magnetic stipe, bacode or proximity reader the ID Card Supplies 'ASI5000' controller collects the numbers from the card, sends those numbers via the internet to club manager where they are validated and checked for payment and entry time, club manager then sends a message back with either an acceptance or denial of access.
this information is brought up onto a designated display screen with the members information, picture and contract details so that any potential issues raised by the checking procedure can be adressed by staff swiftly.

Coupling this method of checking with a tunrstile or powered gate provides the most secure form of checking process as it channels members and forces them to swipe their card to gain access.

This process can save gyms and leisure centres thousands of pounds over the course of a year in lapsed memberships or missed payments that simply wouldn't be noticed otherwise. To put this into context, take a gym with a membership base of 1000 customers each paying £35 a month. if just 1% of the members arent paying thier fees that will cost the club over £4,200 per year! 

Can your business afford to throw away £4,200 each year?

Contact us to find out how you can save this money and give yourself a huge range of benefits from utilising club manager and id card supplies for your business.



Optimised for use on desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Club Manager allows users to keep in control of their members, their timetables and their site from anywhere.

If you have any questions regarding Club Manager and the software package they offer please contact us to discuss it in greater detail.

ID Card Supplies are an authorised distributor for Club Manager Central Software in the UK.

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